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Products and Services

Single-purpose machines

Separate machines designed for a given product or selected processes

Lisovací stroje@2x

Press machines

Machines designed to press one part into another part or assembly. In this area, we cooperate with Kistler, TOX, Schmidt...


Gluing machines

Machines designed for manual or automatic application of adhesive to bond components.

Svařovací stroje-mobil

Welding machines

Machines designed to connect or secure parts using welds. We have a great deal of experience with ultrasonic welding.

Testovací stroje@2x

Testing machines

Machines designed for final product inspection, which can be part of a line or a stand-alone device.

Montážní poloaut. a automat. Stroje-mobil

(Semi)automatic assembly machines

Machines designed for product assembly with operator interaction or fully automatic operation, including automatic feeding of individual components.